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Before we had Wade County, it was Marino’s Miami.  The Miami Dolphins were as synonymous with the city as was our famed Joe’s Stone Crab.  As we move towards the fall with summer in our rearview, we can get excited about 2 things: Football and Stone Crab season.

My mom taught me early in life that Joe’s Stone Crab was closed in the months that did not have an “R”.  May, June, July & August were a “NO GO” on the Stone Crab front.  But come September we could always bank on the return of Stone Crabs and another year of Miami Dolphins Football.

The tailgating at home games is absolutely one of the most enjoyable things known to man, but when your home team is on the road, you always look forward to the house gathering parties. The most important element to these gatherings is “what’s on the menu?”.  

At our house it was Joe’s.  My parents would supply the Stone Crabs as we huddled around our TV to watch Dan Marino make magic happen.

Miami was an obsessed Dolphin’s town.  My parents were crazy about the Fins.  Urban legend has it that my mom got kicked out of a bar in San Francisco (1984 Super Bowl) for evoking a fake “Rozelle Rule” (she made that up) where a hosting super bowl city had to be nice to the fans of the visiting teams.  This all started because she asked the DJ to play “Thriller” and he refused because she was wearing a Dolphins pin and he was a 49ers fan.

The Dolphins were a religion at our house and the communion was Stone Crabs.  Right after Sunday morning mass we would be situated at home as we ripped through Joe’s and cheered our Dolphins to victory.  Our family does not have many traditions like these but I will never forget Football Sundays and Joe’s Stone Crabs.

EAT AT JOES        –       LETS GO FINS


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