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Miami Beach Oceanfront Condos

We just closed on a unit at the old Canyon Ranch property.  It is operating as The Carillon Hotel and Spa.  The Carillon Hotel was the original name of the center tower that was built in 1955.  The old neon sign can still be seen on top of this building.  Values in this area are growing.  Miami Beach oceanfront condos are affordable in North Beach.   In November 2014, Z Capital purchased the property for $21M as a result of a ruling in bankruptcy court.  They now are managing the resort as a new joint venture with Adrian Zecha, founder of Ammanresorts and Jonathan Breene, who is the developer and creator of The Setai in South Beach. They will be changing some of the spaces in the hotel and giving it a fresh new look.  They will rebrand later this year and launch a five-star flag under this new joint venture. Since Z Capital’s takeover of the property, units in the building have seen a jump in price.  Unlike the previous Lot Owner, they have exercised their Right of First Refusal on many of the units which have gone under contract. There is still great value for oceanfront units within the three towers of this property. There will always be a market for Miami Beach Oceanfront Condos. As new management begins to implement their vision for the hotel, prices will continue to go up. Many other hotels in Miami Beach are going through renovations like these.  Check out some of the others here: We have studied and tracked this building for months. If you have any questions regarding property values at…

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EWM, top choice as Miami real estate brokerage firm.

  Below you will find a link from today’s Miami Herald. In the Business Monday section there was an extensive real estate article that highlighted the current status of the Miami market.  In the article there was an announcement that EWM was the #1 choice as Miami-Dade’s top residential real estate brokerage firm. Miami Herald and Bendixen & Amandi (International research firm) conducted an anonymous survey of major developers, brokers and other industry watchers. These 105 real estate professionals were asked the question, “Which real estate company would you choose to buy or sell your own personal residence, if you could not use your own company?”. Their #1 response was EWM. Recognition by our industry peers of our collective professional ability is perhaps the greatest honor that any brokerage firm within our industry can receive. As you will see, during the first four months of 2015, EWM ranked #1 in all luxury sales in both Miami-Dade & Broward Counties combined, for EVERY luxury price range — $1M+, $2M+, $5M+, $10M+, $15M+ and $20M+.  Over one-half billion dollars of luxury properties in just 120 days! Thank you for your support and your business.

Coral Gables History, Told Through Real Estate

There are many memories of my childhood that reemerge as I drive through Coral Gables. I can recall countless summer days spent riding bike through the neighborhood. I recall passing by historic Gables sights in the back seat of my parent’s car.  As a child I never realized how fortunate I was to be growing up in a city so interesting and unique in every way. It was very common in my childhood to cross through the DeSoto Fountain intersection on the way to school at St. Theresa. Passing by Venetian Pool on the way to tennis lessons at the Biltmore was a weekly occurrence.  A drive-by City Hall on the way to baseball practice at the Youth Center was typical. Through a child’s eyes this did not mean much to me then, but now as I have grown, so has the appreciation for my city’s rich history.  In retrospect, there is one place that unleashes years of memories more so than any other place, and that is the Merrick House. My parents raised my brother and I directly across the street from the Merrick House. Throughout our childhood, we lived at 910 Coral Way (pictured below).  As a youngster I always found it strange that this vacant house would serve as a playground for my friends and I, constantly crossing over to play manhunt and hide-and-seek on the property. Why would it continue to stay empty with no use for anyone? Now as a man, passionate about real estate and how the real estate business has played a major part in the city’s history, I admire the blueprint of Coral Gables and how it…

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